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I have a question for any of you who purchase books for children. But before I ask, I’d like to set the stage a bit by telling you the reason for my question.

As you know I have written the book PRINCESS KANDAKE: Warrior by Choice…Appointed to Rule. The book is aimed at the ‘Tween reader, aged 10-14. Its content is also appropriate for advanced younger readers.

When I wrote this book I made a conscious decision to leave certain content out. I knew I would catch some heat for it, and I did. I’ve even been told that decision was one of the contributing factors in not being picked up by particular publishing houses.

Another conscious decision of mine was to write stories that incorporate ‘happy endings’, protagonists with good values, and to add characters with relationships that some would describe as a bit utopian/perfect.

My reason for doing this is that my target audience is still quite young in their view of the world. I don’t believe it’s my place a an author to tarnish that.

As a mom, grandmother, aunt, and psychologist I want kids to dream and reach for the stars, today. There are plenty of things that will crop up in their tomorrows to discourage them. I see no need for me to speed up that process.

So here’s the question. A few reviewers disagree with my position. I would love to hear from you. What do you think is an appropriate read for this age group? Do you feel this tender age should be introduced to more adult content?

Leave me a comment and I’ll treat you to a free digital copy of PRINCESS KANDAKE: Warrior by Choice…Appointed to Rule (book #1 in the PRINCESS KANDAKE series). If you write a review for it, I’ll treat you to a free digital copy of Weight of the Crown (book #2 in the series).

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