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Writers are Among Us

kulhydrater i mad tabel see kulhydrater i mad tabel see hele vejen nik og jay go hele vejen nik og jay go It is always a pleasure whenever I get an opportunity to make a school visit. In April I was extended the invitation to sit on a panel of experts at a local middle school, Glassford Hill MS. I was so excited!

van de heuvel tuindecoratie van de heuvel tuindecoratie http://quitesearch.live/2018 boka havets katedral http://quitesearch.live/2018 boka havets katedral I was greeted by the school librarian, Ann Carey, and her two awesome assistants. ems training amsterdam ems training amsterdam They immediately made me feel welcome and treated me like a celebrity. These ladies made sure I had everything I could possibly need, and then some.

la la land die see la la land die see couch hohe sitzhöhe see couch hohe sitzhöhe see I proceeded to give my presentation about the advantages and difficulties of being a writer. I asked if there were any in the group that had considered writing. Almost every hand reached toward the ceiling. Then I asked if any had süßes omelett grundrezept watch süßes omelett grundrezept watch put pen to paper or finger-tips to keyboard. Again, hands flew up like rockets from bottles. So I ended the presentation with throwing out a challenge. I told them that if any were willing to write an original piece of fiction or nonfiction, have it looked at by their English teachers, and then present it to me, I would give them a prize. http://earlyas.life/2018/08 bygning med 1 etage http://earlyas.life/2018/08 bygning med 1 etage Mind you, I never told them what the prize would be.

http://gardenfold.life/2018 store post it http://gardenfold.life/2018 store post it bruksrett kalkulator hytte bruksrett kalkulator hytte Within two weeks one of the students took me up on my offer and presented me with a story! Here is the prize: to showcase the story on my websiteagents municipaux fléac charente agents municipaux fléac charente and here it is! alex pettyfer girlfriend 2014 alex pettyfer girlfriend 2014 Hunter’s Orders by S. K. Jamesbrukte han våpen check brukte han våpen check I’ve created a new webpage on my site for young writers to introduce their work to the reading world and the work of S. K. James is the first!

http://poorblock.download krankheiten lymphknoten im bauch http://poorblock.download krankheiten lymphknoten im bauch http://recordcan.site letter x song http://recordcan.site letter x song Take a look at an example of the awesome talent that lurks within our reach and awaits us in our very near future. 

New Ideas Have No Manners

typing at computerRecently the idea for a new series has invaded my mind. It’s there when I wake up in the morning with scenes and dialog trampling through every thought I have. It’s there in the evening when I’m trying to settle in for a good night’s sleep. The ideas are even there when I’m trying to have a conversation with those around me. While this is wonderfully exciting, it is also most inconvenient. 

Right now I’m in the middle of writing two books: the 4th book of the PRINCESS KANDAKE series and a new contemporary science fiction piece. How can I possibly start something else? There are only so many hours in a day and only so much space in my brain. 

Nevertheless, this new idea comes barging right in and taking over. I see the main character in every daydream. I hear snippets of conversation between the characters and I don’t even know their names, yet. Today the entire beginning of the story unfolded while I was in the middle of my morning ablutions. The dang thing is relentless! 

Because I have no choice I cry, ‘uncle.’ I surrender! I must begin to write some of it down before it all disappears into the ethers. So, when I should be working on the other two pieces, here I sit at my computer banging out the first few pages. Sheesh! Such rude behavior.