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A Place to Find Clean Reads

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un million a ou un million ont un million a ou un million ont schnitt rucksack gratis here schnitt rucksack gratis here Up a tree. My favorite research spot.I know, I’ve been away for a long time. Well, I’m finally back and hoping it stays that way. Even though I’ve been away, I haven’t been truly neglectful. I’ve been learning about things to make this sight more useful and enjoyable. For example, I’ve found a blog where you can find flinch-free fiction. I love that term. Basically, what I mean is books you don’t have to worry about ‘F’ bombs flying every which way and detailed descriptions of activities that are best kept behind closed doors. It’s called Clean Indie Reads. You should click over there and take a look.

http://dateline.live/2019/05 prêt fille mère http://dateline.live/2019/05 prêt fille mère delai de reflexion de 7 jours ivg view delai de reflexion de 7 jours ivg view What you will find is a picture of the book’s cover, a blurb describing the book, a couple of reviews, and a short interview with the author. In the side-bar of the blog you will find a list of genres that will lead you to the clean read of your preference. It’s a great place to find what you’ve been looking for!

Welcome to Moms’ Break Room

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Hi and welcome, this is the Moms’ Break Room. A place for moms to take a moment to relax, get refreshed, and find out what’s happening in the world of children’s books.

I’m Stephanie Jefferson, debut author of the new Princess Kandake series. I retired from working as a psychologist with a specialty in children and adolescents. What I do now is write books for kids ages 10 years and up, I’m a Small Group leader at church for 7th and 8th grade girls, and I play with my grandchildren every chance I get.

My plan for this blog is to provide the kind of information that would be helpful for moms. We can talk about reading. We can discuss and review books that are for children, especially focusing on the books for independent readers. And because I am a psychologist, I don’t mind answering questions on growth and development and how the books your babes are reading impacts that.

Before we go much further I’d better come clean with who I am and what my perspective is. I am a conservative Christian, so everything I say comes from that set of values. This applies to my psychology background as well as my writing. I can guarantee that every book I have written and I write will be ‘safe’ for your children to read. That means I will not be including sexual situations, profanity, or other things that I believe do not honor God.

Wow! They sure left in a hurry.

Oh well, I may as well tell you the rest of it. The other thing is that from time to time I will bend you ear (or eyes) with the promotion of one of my books. And while I’m confessing…each book I write has an underlying theme: the building of our children’s character and teaching them to stand up for what they believe in.

So now you know that I’m a writer for the ‘Tween audience and each and every book is written for the purpose of entertainment and character building.

Oops, I almost forgot, one more thing. I’m an action writer. My stories always have something going on and the characters do get into fights.

Well I think that’s it. So what do you think?