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New Ideas Have No Manners

http://finallythanks.live/2019 julian rapha instagram http://finallythanks.live/2019 julian rapha instagram malle jardin proloisirs malle jardin proloisirs typing at computerRecently the idea for a new series has invaded my mind. It’s there when I wake up in the morning with scenes and dialog trampling through every thought I have. It’s there in the evening when I’m trying to settle in for a good night’s sleep. The ideas are even there when I’m trying to have a conversation with those around me. While this is wonderfully exciting, it is also most inconvenient.rede mario draghi view rede mario draghi view  

http://changetrue.live/2019/05 les dieux passent toujours incognito http://changetrue.live/2019/05 les dieux passent toujours incognito ersonnages principaux du silnce de la mer ersonnages principaux du silnce de la mer Right now I’m in the middle of writing two books: the 4th book of the PRINCESS KANDAKE series and a new contemporary science fiction piece. How can I possibly start something else? There are only so many hours in a day and only so much space in my brain.gypsy série avis gypsy série avis  

krader jana reiten krader jana reiten Nevertheless, this new idea comes barging right in and taking over. I see the main character in every daydream. I hear snippets of conversation between the characters and I don’t even know their names, yet. Today the entire beginning of the story unfolded while I was in the middle of my morning ablutions. The dang thing is relentless! 

Because I have no choice I cry, ‘uncle.’ I surrender! I must begin to write some of it down before it all disappears into the ethers. So, when I should be working on the other two pieces, here I sit at my computer banging out the first few pages. Sheesh! Such rude behavior.