So Much to Do!


There are so many things that I need to get done. (This is literally what my desks looks like. I’d post a photograph, but in addition to all of the paper there’s also a pile of dust.) So I’m trying to prioritize all of it. Yet, no matter how I arrange the list, it seems like everything should be at the top.

Yesterday I got two really big things accomplished, I published Weight of the Crown in digital format for Kindle and Smashwords (which covers every other format). So now you can find the book in print and formatted for your eReader!

The book doesn’t officially launch until February 1, but I’m making it available now to those of you that read this blog. Just follow this link for print, or Kindle, or all other eReaders.

The next big thing is to finish the curriculum/lesson plans for the creative writing course I’m offering for kids. There is so much that goes along with that, I’m snowed under.

To make the course into what parents, and kids, want and need, I’ve set aside January 22nd to meet with the moms (or dads) of those interested in the Prescott area to get their input.

If somehow I missed getting this information to you, please contact me: or and I’ll get you the details. I look forward to hearing from you.

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