Obscura 83X125Obscure |äb- ̍skyu̇r| something not known to most or that which is likely to be understood by only a few.

This collection of short stories is inspired by all things obscure. Each is designed to take you to the outer edges of your imagination. Welcome to …Obscura

The Sentinel

Sentinel 83X125

All Lexan has ever wanted to be is a Sentinel. These undercover, shape-shifting agents of the United Galaxies travel to the far reaches of the universe working to stop Komo and his invading horde. But first Lexan must accomplish two things: one, he must convince his father that xenology and science hold no interest for him, even if his family has done it for generations; and two, he has to develop the ability to change his form. After all, what good is a shape-shifter who can’t change his appearance.

While transporting Sentinels to their next posts, the ship passes Earth and Lexan can’t resist the urge to get a closer look—and the inside of a drop-pod will give him the very best view.

Now that he’s inside, the pod moves to launch position in front of the ship’s bay doors. The doors open and the pod dangles on the threshold—leaving nothing between Lexan and the stars.

Without warning, the drop-pod tumbles over the edge into the black void. But that’s not the worst of his situation. The planet below is lobbing missiles at him. Unable to return, Lexan must land on a hostile world—this young shape-shifter who has no way to hide.