Great News!



It’s time to do things better! I have been so lost in getting Weight of the Crown (book #2 of the PRINCESS KANDAKE series) ready for prerelease that I have neglected everything else. I am so sorry.

I would send myself to time-out, but I have too many things to get done. Here’s my list so you’ll understand:

  • get blog entries ready
  • work on manuscripts (two to be released this year)
  • write curriculum for creative writing course for kids
  • schedule book tours
  • schedule classes for writing course
  • upload digital formats for Weight of the Crown
  • marketing research and campaign
  • and all of the other things that keep my life going.

So you see, I have a few things to do. But I’m determined to do it all better! I guess that means doing what I have neglected to do to this point—schedule my time, get organized.

I’ve been pretending that it wasn’t necessary to create a daily agenda to get it all done, but I’m sure you all know just as well as I do that that is called Denial.

Well, I’m no longer hiding/procrastinating and I’m committed to doing it better. One of the things I’ll be improving is becoming much more attentive to this blog and all of you.

See you more often heart

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