Tales of tomorrow and strange happenings of today.



Swan Song – Jayla woke up lying on a cold, hard floor. “My head.” Pain exploded inside it like the hammering of a ship’s drive badly out of phase. 

As Long As You Clean Up After Him – Annelise and Gemma sat at a small table at the edge of the food court. Shopping was good, but boy watching was better.

Night Shift – Xavin crouched low waiting for the sun to slip toward the horizon. He needed the shadows. They were his ally.

Brown Skinned Girl – The first sun has set. Maybe it will get a little cooler now. Anasi shaded her eyes as she scanned the sky. She walked along the beach hoping to find shelter for the night.

Ladies of Windsor Hall – Kayli stood behind the tree, panting, more from fear than exertion. She waited for them to find her. No one came.