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Life is Good!


hot chocolate with frame

Yesterday I was having an off day. I have those days from time-to-time when I’m not sure I should be doing what I am or that I am successful and should continue.

Well, yesterday was that kind of day. I was questioning everything about me. God and I had a conversation like friends sharing a cup of hot chocolate. He reminded me that I am just how He created me and that He loves me.

He directed me to a TV show that reminded me of the fantastic thing I love about story and why I write what I do. Then He told me that my path is like no one else’s and I should stay true to it. He even got me all excited about a new story idea that I can’t wait to get started on.

Yep, life is good. God makes it so!

Weight of the Crown Released TODAY!

WeightCrownFINAL 200 X 300Today is the day! Weight of the Crown, book #2 in the PRINCESS KANDAKE series, is now available! I can’t tell you how excited I am. I’m giddy and bouncing on the edge of my seat.

There are still tons of things for me to do for promotion and sales, but right this moment I’m just basking in the light of getting it done.

Like the first book, Weight of the Crown, takes place in ancient Nubia. There is action, adventure, and a smattering of romance. And just like book #1, Weight of the Crown is written for the ‘Tween audience. So you know it’s clean reading that’s filled with fun and excitement.

I love the cover! Donna Casey outdid herself yet again. It’s such a blast for me when a story I love is enhanced with a beautiful cover. It creates a package with everything I had hoped for and now I can share it with all of you.

So click on the link and get your own copy, too.

Beware of The Grunge!






Just when I thought I was getting my desk cleared a bit this horrible bug came along and bit me. You know which one. The Grunge! It causes my mind to fill with so much mucus I can’t even think.

It drained my energy too. I’ve spent, what seems like countless days on the couch coughing and sleeping, wishing I could just get one thing done. My reading is behind. My writing is behind. You name it and it’s behind.

Today I feel a little better. There’s a little less coughing and mucus going on. I had enough energy to get a few things done and one of them is posting this blog.

I’ll bet The Grunge is lurking around your neighborhood, too. Don’t let it in. It will take over. It stacks dishes in the sink and piles dust on every surface. Yesterday it splashed soup inside the microwave oven. And if you have small children at home, it takes their toys and throws them all over the house. It will even dump the pet’s food and water across the floor. 


So be very careful. The Grunge is out to get you!


So Much to Do!


There are so many things that I need to get done. (This is literally what my desks looks like. I’d post a photograph, but in addition to all of the paper there’s also a pile of dust.) So I’m trying to prioritize all of it. Yet, no matter how I arrange the list, it seems like everything should be at the top.

Yesterday I got two really big things accomplished, I published Weight of the Crown in digital format for Kindle and Smashwords (which covers every other format). So now you can find the book in print and formatted for your eReader!

The book doesn’t officially launch until February 1, but I’m making it available now to those of you that read this blog. Just follow this link for print, or Kindle, or all other eReaders.

The next big thing is to finish the curriculum/lesson plans for the creative writing course I’m offering for kids. There is so much that goes along with that, I’m snowed under.

To make the course into what parents, and kids, want and need, I’ve set aside January 22nd to meet with the moms (or dads) of those interested in the Prescott area to get their input.

If somehow I missed getting this information to you, please contact me: or and I’ll get you the details. I look forward to hearing from you.

Great News!



It’s time to do things better! I have been so lost in getting Weight of the Crown (book #2 of the PRINCESS KANDAKE series) ready for prerelease that I have neglected everything else. I am so sorry.

I would send myself to time-out, but I have too many things to get done. Here’s my list so you’ll understand:

  • get blog entries ready
  • work on manuscripts (two to be released this year)
  • write curriculum for creative writing course for kids
  • schedule book tours
  • schedule classes for writing course
  • upload digital formats for Weight of the Crown
  • marketing research and campaign
  • and all of the other things that keep my life going.

So you see, I have a few things to do. But I’m determined to do it all better! I guess that means doing what I have neglected to do to this point—schedule my time, get organized.

I’ve been pretending that it wasn’t necessary to create a daily agenda to get it all done, but I’m sure you all know just as well as I do that that is called Denial.

Well, I’m no longer hiding/procrastinating and I’m committed to doing it better. One of the things I’ll be improving is becoming much more attentive to this blog and all of you.

See you more often heart

New Things!



Sheesh! I’ve been so busy. As you know I’ve been working on getting book #2 of the PRINCESS KANDAKE series ready to go to print. Well I’ve finally completed that.

I’m doing a prelease of Weight of the Crown at the Girl Scout Expo in Palm Springs December 15th. For those of you who can’t wait until the official release date of February 1, 2013, let me know and I’ll make sure you can get one, too.

Now I‘m working on my book touring schedule for the year. So far 3 book fairs and 1 school. It occurred to me that there might be homeschoolers that would be interested in having an author event. Contact me for that, too. I’d love to meet you.

Now for my newest project. I’ve been asked to put together a program of creative writing courses and workshops for kids! I’m super excited! I can’t wait to get started. If you're interested, I'll add you to my schedule.

Taking A Moment to Share



This morning my cover designer, the wonderful and talented Donna Casey, sent me the finalized image for the cover of the second book in the PRINCESS KANDAKE series, Weight of the Crown.

I could not have asked for better. Nor could I keep it to myself. So here it it.




Beautiful, isn’t it! The book is scheduled to be released February, 2013. I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself, let alone wait.

Silence is Golden



I’m back! I’ve been silent for the past few days contemplating what I want this blog to be and to represent. My mind circled around the reasons for starting the blog and its title. I struck gold!

This is a mom’s space. A place for to get information about kids’ reading, reviews about the books kids read, support and encouragement for moms helping their little ones read, and much more.

Then it hit me. If this is a place for moms, why not hear from them. So I’m offering an invitation to moms out there to guest post on this blog with tales and experiences having to do with books and reading for kids.

So get your thoughts together and email me about your idea for a post

I’m sure what you have to say will be a wonderful encouragement to everyone within the mom community.

International Day of the Girl!




That’s today! The international Day of the Girl! It’s all about teaching our girls. Encourage them! Inspire them! Educate them! Read to them.

Imagine, what would happen if you encouraged every girl you encountered to day. What if yours is the voice that told her, “you can do it!” and she did. What if that girl became the next, scientist, astronaut, physicist, architect, or….



All it takes from us is a little encouragement, a little inspiration. There is nothing that a girl can’t do, she jut has to believe that she can.



I am a firm believer in Girl Power! That’s what inspired me to write the PRINCESS KANDAKE series. It’s why I sign every book with a message that she Can. She can do anything that she sets her mind to.

So get out there! Tell your daughters, nieces, granddaughters, goddaughters, friends, and even those you don’t know that They Can!

The Change-Up



Okay, it’s time for me to change things up with this blog. It’s boring! There has got to be a better way to do this. I read a few ‘Mommy’ blogs and love them. They are down right hilarious!

Today one of the moms was talking about taking two of her kiddoes to the doctor. I had forgotten about the ridiculousness of the offices’ expectations for small children in waiting rooms and examination rooms. She had me laughing so hard that I nearly fell off the bloomin’ chair.

Then I came back to Moms Break Room and read through a few of my posts. Can we all agree that they have been a little dry? I mean really… Clearly Dr. Jefferson was in courtroom mode. That has got to end.

So here’s my plan, I’m going to take a few days to rethink this thing. But when I come back I promise there will be a whole lot less dust blowing in and around the letters posted here.

And please, if Dr. Jefferson shows up again in courtroom mode, please, please, please tell me.

You all go have a great day. I’ve got a lot of thinking to do.