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New Ideas Have No Manners

typing at computerRecently the idea for a new series has invaded my mind. It’s there when I wake up in the morning with scenes and dialog trampling through every thought I have. It’s there in the evening when I’m trying to settle in for a good night’s sleep. The ideas are even there when I’m trying to have a conversation with those around me. While this is wonderfully exciting, it is also most inconvenient. 

Right now I’m in the middle of writing two books: the 4th book of the PRINCESS KANDAKE series and a new contemporary science fiction piece. How can I possibly start something else? There are only so many hours in a day and only so much space in my brain. 

Nevertheless, this new idea comes barging right in and taking over. I see the main character in every daydream. I hear snippets of conversation between the characters and I don’t even know their names, yet. Today the entire beginning of the story unfolded while I was in the middle of my morning ablutions. The dang thing is relentless! 

Because I have no choice I cry, ‘uncle.’ I surrender! I must begin to write some of it down before it all disappears into the ethers. So, when I should be working on the other two pieces, here I sit at my computer banging out the first few pages. Sheesh! Such rude behavior.

The Book has a Title!

Books_of_the_PastCould it get any better…the contest has a winner and the book now has a title! I am super excited, not to mention  relieved. So here it is: 


of the 

Egyptian Kingdom 

Great thanks to contest winner and title creator: 

Carrie Malinowski 

The more I look at it the more I love it. It’s perfect. It encapsulates every plot point of the novel. Did I say I love it? Well, I do! So Carrie, you get the first peek at the cover and an advanced copy of book #3 of the PRINCESS KANDAKE series due to be released February 1, 2014. Oh and don’t forget, you will also have a huge mention in the acknowledgements of that book! Thank you so much. 

Allow me to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed their wonderful ideas to this quest for a title. Let me tell you that I was truly stuck. I couldn’t come up with a single working idea and all of you had some really great ones! I can’t thank you enough. You saved my bacon.

Now on to do my part in the cover creation, which isn’t much. I select the photos and the designer does everything else. She creates a thing of beauty. I can’t wait to see how it comes out.

Can You Name It?

Name That Book
Name That Book

I could certainly use your help. I’ve completed the first draft of book #3 of the PRINCESS KANDAKE series and cannot, for the life of me, come up with a good title. So I really need your help. 

I’ve put together a contest on my other blog to entice you to lend your assistance. Follow this link: Writing YA and Other Things I Love and you’ll find all the important details. I’ve even included a coupon code for FREE digital copy of the first book.

Give is a shot! You could win a first peek at the new cover, your name in the acknowledgements, and an early release print copy of book #3!

Kathy Sant Reading from Monster Moon

Here is another author friend reading from a wonderfully spooky book about a boy who has become friends with a rat. No, this is not like Willard. This rat is actually a pirate whose brain was transplanted into a rat and now they’re visiting a haunted bog. Weird…in a really good way. Sorry for the background noise, she’s reading in the children’s section at Barnes & Noble.

A Great Giveaway!

A few weeks ago I joined a great group of authors who, like me, write for the ‘Tween audience. That would be the lower end of young adult and the upper end of middle grade. We call ourselves the Emblazoners! Here’s the great part.

emblazone giveaway books july

To introduce ourselves and our work, we’re offering everyone who participates an opportunity to win one of our books. We have print and digital formats floating in the great prize bowl for the winning!.

Follow this link to find out the details!


Author Visit Bradshaw Middle SchoolI walked into Curves in Prescott Valley this morning for my workout. The owner, Vicki Shroyer said, “Look! You’re in the newspaper. We have our own celebrity.” She showed me her clipping from the local newspaper. What an awesome feeling to belong to a gym that shows this level of interest and support in its members!

Of course I had talked about doing the author visit at Glassford Hill Middle School, but I didn’t expect anything beyond friendly conversation. To top it off I had no idea the librarian, Ann Carey was going to send it to the paper! What a cool thing! I got to visit with some really great kids. Then to get local publicity was the cherry on top.

A Full Plate

FullPlatePhotos 084Has your plate ever been so full that you’re wondering if life is serving you on a platter? Of course you have…you’re a parent, after all. Well this has been one of those weeks for me. I have been working so hard that I can’t see what I’ve gotten accomplished, so I resorted to one of my all-time favorites–lists.

I’m at the height of my book promotion season so that means I’m doing a lot of traveling. Just because I’m traveling doesn’t mean I get a break from the rest of what I have to do. Sound familiar? I bet it does. 

There’s so much that I have to stay on top of that I bought a small computer to take on trips with me. And the only way I can remember what I have to do is to write it all down, and I mean all. 

I put everything on the list, from what time to get up to what time to go to bed, and everything in between. I have list for packing. I have list for setting up my author exhibit. I even have lists for the readings that I’m going to be doing. It’s really sad, my lists are now almost as long as some novellas.

Now I’m adding creative writing courses for kids. Sheesh! I must be a glutton for punishment.


Do you make lists? What kinds of things do you put on yours?

Poetry Shared

A friend of mine, Claudia Greenwood, shared one of her beautiful poems with me. It so struck my heart that I had to share it with all of you. This is the world I choose to live in.


Children of the World

children of the world photo

They were        

truly children of the world

raising arms,

clasping hands,

celebrating their many colors,

many languages,

many histories.

They sang with the joy

of shared life experiences

in the Colorado village

that is raising them,

salad bowl of our country

where they mix without noticing,

without realizing the promise

they bring to the future:

a perfect blend

Read to Me



reading at school navyI was listening to an author friend of mine, Maria Cisneros Toth, read a chapter from another friend’s book, Flyer by Judith McAllister. Listening to Maria brought back the magic of being read to years ago. I wonder if this is part of the magic of audio-books.

While thinking about this, an idea hit me. What if I had author’s record their reading from a chapter of their books and posted it on my website? Then I could do two things at once: have samples of books for moms (and dads) to choose from and help my friends promote their books!

I think I’ll do it! So now I’m off to get my friends to start recording! I’ll be back soon to let you know when their samples will be posted.