A Full Plate

FullPlatePhotos 084Has your plate ever been so full that you’re wondering if life is serving you on a platter? Of course you have…you’re a parent, after all. Well this has been one of those weeks for me. I have been working so hard that I can’t see what I’ve gotten accomplished, so I resorted to one of my all-time favorites–lists.

I’m at the height of my book promotion season so that means I’m doing a lot of traveling. Just because I’m traveling doesn’t mean I get a break from the rest of what I have to do. Sound familiar? I bet it does. 

There’s so much that I have to stay on top of that I bought a small computer to take on trips with me. And the only way I can remember what I have to do is to write it all down, and I mean all. 

I put everything on the list, from what time to get up to what time to go to bed, and everything in between. I have list for packing. I have list for setting up my author exhibit. I even have lists for the readings that I’m going to be doing. It’s really sad, my lists are now almost as long as some novellas.

Now I’m adding creative writing courses for kids. Sheesh! I must be a glutton for punishment.


Do you make lists? What kinds of things do you put on yours?

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